“After more than 2 years battling with severe pain from a slipped disk and getting limited pain relief from various medications and treatments, I was told in December 2011 that the only option for a cure was surgery. However I was due to sit my Leaving Cert exam in June 2012 so couldn’t afford the time. Somatics and especially Lisa was brilliant. It was the only treatment that gave me pain relief. As well as that it helped me relax and allowed me prepare for and sit my Leaving Cert. I do not know how I would have coped without Lisa’s help.”

Caoimhe Morris, Student

“Until Somatics, my life was constant pain, broken sleep, crying the night away with pain and frustration. I had 5 sessions of light, guided and managed exercises, which taught my body to correctly reposition itself, removing the cause of the long term debilitating pain.
Now I do 10 – 15 minutes gentle exercise every day. This routine helps keep me pain free and able to enjoy life. When you are in pain – “The only way is up,” it has really worked for me, give Somatics a try.”

Terezita Donohoe, Ballroom Dancer

“Somatics is the subtlest, deepest, most integrated body therapy I have experienced.”

Peter Labanyi, Psychotherapist

“Somatics is a very down to earth way of getting your muscles to do the job they are designed for. It has proved to be a wonderful learning experience for me, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Stephen Brennan, Business Manager

“Somatics was the only therapy that gave me an answer to my pain. ”

Jennifer Mayne, Director

“After only one session of Somatics, it was like a reset button was pressed and old patterns of holding and tension were released and my pain was gone. It was truly remarkable and so simple to maintain myself.’

Cathy Enright, Yoga Teacher

“If you work over a desk all day and suffer with shoulder and neck pain this is a must for you. Your muscles will love you for it. Goodbye chiropractors !”

Julie Griffin

“After years of bad posture I was amazed at how five somatics sessions has changed me. Niggling aches have all but disappeared and even my clothes fit better. The exercises are easy to integrate into daily life and yet they make such a difference.”

Philippa Cottle, Business Owner

“I can’t stop staring in awe at my new, level shoulders every time I go to the bathroom. Just back from another trip and now that I know about it, it amazes me every time. I felt fabulous afterwards, super light and more, well…. balanced. I will be spreading the word even more vehemently now!”

Sarah Ryder, Television Producer

“I had a bad dose of sciatica making it almost impossible to be on my feet for any length of time. I have no patience for exercises but for the first time in my life I’m actually enjoying them. It is so uplifting to know that I can manage my pain with an enjoyable 30 minute a day drug-free exercise regime.”

Deirdre Danaher, Designer

“I completed the fourth session this week and I can really see how far I’ve come. Both my movment and my flexibility have dramatically improved . I stand, walk, lie and and move completely differently now. It is amazing what you can notice when you know what is right.”

Jane Birchall, Secretary

“I have suffered from back pain for many years. I have regularly attended an osteopath who could usually correct my problem. But I was always looking for some way to make my back stronger and to prevent my problem recurring.I went to three private sessions with Lisa where she analysed my shape and structure, and then gave me a number of apparently simple but powerful exercises to do for about fifteen minutes a day. That was eight months ago and despite a lot of stress and anxiety in my personal life my back has never been stronger and healthier. I have had no pain or discomfort and I know that if my old problem should recur I will be able to put it right myself using the Somatics exercises.”

Julie Parsons, Author

“The top of my right arm was badly shattered when I was knocked off my bike. I was lucky and the surgery went well
(plate & 7 pins) followed by good physiotherapy. However, my arm still felt like a mechanical stick. After the first session of Somatics in February 2010 I felt like my arm was “plumped out” and round and three dimensional again. Somatics “awoke” all the cells and layers of tissues in a way that the other exercises simply did not reach. I loved the gentleness and the playful exploration of the
approach. I felt re-oxygenated at all levels and my arm felt safe to stretch more fully in all directions. Thank you Lisa! I highly recommend Somatics to anyone who has suffered a similar injury or trauma. Its well worth it. I only needed three sessions of Somatics to get my arm back.”

Eilin Lavelle, NLP Practitioner

“I had a few sessions with Lisa and found her to be a brilliant teacher. She gently and slowly talks you through the movements, and with her very pleasant demeanour I found myself instantly at ease.
I found the exercises wonderful. They are very gentle and slow and what I really like about them is that they don’t put a strain on your body. In addition they are extremely relaxing.
I definitely feel that I am standing straighter and taller and that I am not as hunched and crocked as I was. It’s also great to know that Lisa is there for follow-up advice.”

Maria Meehan, UCD Lecturer

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