Lisa Petersen

Lisa Petersen is an internationally acclaimed somatics innovator and yoga teacher who is passionate about guiding people towards personal transformation both on and off the mat.  She has a deep understanding of anatomy, alignment, and functional movement patterns that she brings to life in her private sessions, trainings and workshops through embodied exploration, experiential anatomy and somatic enquiry. Lisa teaches with quintessential Irish charm and humour, imparting clarity and sensitivity – while revealing yoga and somatics as living, breathing and constantly evolving arts and sciences.

Lisa has helped thousands of clients get out of pain and back on their feet. Originally trained at Vivekenanda Kendra, India’s most reputable Yoga Therapy Hospital, Lisa has vast experience working as a Yoga Teacher and Somatic Movement Educator and incorporates Body-Mind Centering extensively into her work. She offers workshops in Yoga, Somatics and Embodied Anatomy around the world.

See. www.living-yoga.ie or www.somatics.ie for more details.


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