At somatics.ie, we specialise in getting you out of pain and back in action fast. We offer private clinical sessions, classes, workshops, holidays and cutting edge foundation training in somatic movement education.

clinical sessions combine hands-on guided movement and a series of self-care exercises that only take 10 minutes a day.

**Lisa is not offering private sessions at present**

Watch how somatics will help chronic pain….

Lisa Petersen demonstrating a few easy somatic movements on RTE television

Lisa Petersen is a Somatic Movement Educator, Yoga Teacher, Therapist and Body-Mind Centering Specialist based in Dublin, Ireland.

Our Promise:

  1. Rapid results: Clients report improvement from the first session of somatics.
  2. Cost effective treatment: Lisa, from somatics.ie, guarantees a reduction in pain within 5 sessions or your money back.
  3. Simple easy exercises: Our daily re-enforcement programme only takes 10 minutes and will keep you moving the way you want.
  4. Skills based learning: Lisa will give you all the knowledge and support you require to properly manage your condition so you don’t have to keep coming back.
  5. Pain free sessions: A somatic treatment is completely pain free.
  6. Limited number of treatments: Somatics will save you time and money.
Somatics is for everybody, regardless of age, fitness level or physical condition.

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